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About Baker Island Foods

My Story

Baker Island Foods took root in 2012 when I took gluten out of my diet. I felt better almost immediately and my health improved drastically.  Excited by this discovery, I dove into the world of gluten-free foods, and found the options were disappointingly unhealthy (and filled with gums, starches and sugars.) Convinced I could do better, I went on a mission to find the tastiest, healthiest ingredients available and discovered the world of Heritage Grains: non-hybridized, unaltered grains like Teff, Buckwheat, and Oat that are delicious, flavorful, nutritionally dense and naturally gluten-free.  Not only are these grains easier on our digestive system, they are gentler on the planet. They are grown in sustainable ways that require less water and enrich the soil. And, they are all non-GMO. I was hooked and began to create a line of foods using these “super grains.” After several years and plenty of trial and error, I launched my first line of Baker Island Foods cookie dough in 2019. These doughs are made with healthy, delicious heritage grains and the simplest, tastiest ingredients out there. I am really excited to bring you the benefits of heritage grains in our delicious, wholesome products. 


Baker Island: The Company

I’ve always loved the sweet things in life. My first word was “cookie” and dessert is still my favorite meal of the day. Dessert plays another important role in my life- the island of Mount Desert (“dessert”), Maine. It’s the spot where my family has gathered for 5 generations of summer fun. And just off the coast is Baker Island-a rugged little island surrounded by the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Every summer our family returns to the island for our beloved summer picnics with close friends, delicious food and good times.  It’s a tradition that keeps the sun shining all year long, and for all of us who visit there, Baker Island is much more than a place, it’s a state of mind.


My Mission

For me, food is the foundation the connects everything: family, community, health and fun. Good food is the fuel for a good life and at Baker Island, we are all about The Good Life: good times, good food, good ingredients, and good practices. Part of living The Good Life is doing good things, like using sustainable ingredients that are better for the soil, the farmers and our planet.  It's about choosing simpler, cleaner, healthier ingredients that are delicious and satisfying. And perhaps most importantly, The Good Life is about doing good for others and putting people and the planet first by supporting local economies, giving opportunities to people who most need them and choosing products that support a healthy planet.